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About Safety Torque


The Safety Torque Hub System is designed to automaticallyrelease when an over torque condition occurs. When a boat or ship motor hits an object at a high rate of speed the torque produced will exceed the maximum limit the motor can create. This can cause a propeller hub to break loose or a drive shaft to twist. Safety Torque eliminates damage to any driveline system by releasing at its preset point and will reset once the object has cleared getting you back on course without any down time.

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The Hub System

The New Hub System thats Revolutionary. Groundbreaking. Cutting-Edge.

The Safety Torque Hub System is designed to permanently replace the standard square cavity propeller hubs. Safety Torque is compatible with Mercury Flo Torq and Michigan Wheel Vortex or XHS style propeller hubs. Each hub is set to its required torque setting with certified tooling at our facility. Once the torque load has been set on the hub, it never needs adjustment or re-torquing. Installation is easy and doesn't require any special tools or a need to have it installed by a dealer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions asked by our customer's, if we missed yours don't hesitate to contact us.

No, your prop and hub are not covered under engine manufacturers warranties.

No, Safety Torque systems are factory torqued and will never lose their torque setting, so you will never need to make any adjustments to the hub.

Yes, you can easily install a Safety Torque system, there is no need for special tools or equipment.

No, Safety Torque systems are set above the maximum torque output of your engine to ensure engine performance is not affected in any way.

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